At the heart of the Westco offer is the use of robust research insight to help our clients get an in-depth understanding of the issue.

Westco is a full-service independent market and social research agency. We are a Market Research Society (MRS) Company Partner and have been independently audited to the international standard ISO20252:2012 to provide a quality management system for market research services. 

Our team have won numerous awards, including being shortlisted for the Market Research Society Awards, and winning awards from PR Week, CIPR and AMEC.

We address three challenges our clients face:

1. How do you maximise the insight you get out of your existing research?

Uniquely amongst research agencies we offer a service where we can evaluate the existing research you have undertaken and help you to get more out of it. Contact us for one of our free “one-pager's” where we take your existing research and offer our thoughts on what it is telling you.

2. How do you ensure the research you buy is value for money?

We deliver to the highest industry recognised standards but also offer a price guarantee. If you find an agency that provides the service we offer to the same standard but cheaper, we will match the price. Contact us to invite us to submit a proposal and costs for any research work you are undertaking.

3. How do you drive the performance of your organisation using research insight?

Our expertise in research insights and communications helps us to deliver reports and presentations with impact. We will help you land the messages that come out of the research to ensure the findings are acted upon. Contact us to learn more about our approach including our “Ladders of Evaluation” methodology to assess the degree and style of research evidence needed to drive change.

Our Sectors

  • Children, young people, education and families
  • Communications and media
  • Community safety and cohesion
  • Customer services
  • Digital and technology
  • Employee engagement
  • Environment
  • Fire and Rescue Services
  • Growth, Planning and Development
  • Housing and Regeneration
  • Local government
  • National government
  • Older people
  • Public health, NHS and social care
  • Third sector and charities
  • Transport.

Our Services

  • Behavioural change and demand management
  • Budget consultation
  • Business analysis (identification of business needs)
  • Business intelligence (customer insight and big data)
  • Business planning and performance
  • Communication evaluation
  • Consultations and engagement campaigns (full service including managing public meetings, surveys and reporting)
  • Customer journey mapping and improving customer care
  • Demography
  • Data analysis (statistical, service performance and cost-benefit)
  • Desk research and research reviews
  • Digital evaluation (social media, email, website analytics and dashboards)
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (mapping and the use of geographical data)
  • Online communities
  • Outsourcing of research teams/functions
  • Qualitative research (focus groups, workshops, in-depth interviews)
  • Quantitative research (face-to-face, telephone, postal, online surveys)
  • Review of research teams/functions performance
  • Stakeholder relations
  • Tracking and evaluation studies (reputation trackers, pre- and post-campaign evaluation and randomised controlled trials)
  • Website user-acceptance testing and customer journey mapping.

If you require more information about this service or would like to find out how Westco could help you, please email